new owls added as doorstops over the snowny weather i was really bored so did some doorstops to stop the cold coming throughowlsowlowllfelt owl pillowsthese were made out of felt it was really cheap to make they cost 3 for 2 for 50p each from either the range or hobbycraft, the stuffing costs 2,50 from shaws the drapers, here is some templetes to get you started, i got a bit carried away when i started making them i started at lunch time and then finished at tea time you can either do straight wings or shaped one like i have done, the orginial pattern was from america which cost £3 so it would be $6 from squiddy owls,to download a pdf,but i am sure the templete i have done for you will be ok hope you like them as much as i do and they make great pressies.owl templateUntitledowl feltowl felt 1

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red white button project

I went to a craft show on the weekend and there was loads of new techinques and ideas i came away with, there was one stall i seen that sold button jewellery it  was nice if you like that kind of thing but it was not for me, i am more of a diamond kind of girl,(fake by the way) so i thought the idea was good if only if it could be on something else. So i came up with this project. it was time consuming but it was worth the results.

Materials i used;

Lots of buttons

A base circle


Hot melt glue

Glue gun


1) start with a base circle you can use differrent bases i used a cardboard one as it was easy to work with a bit tricky to cut out though the other bases you could use are styrofoam,and fabric if you use fabric i would suggest you sewed two pieces together and stuff a little as it will hold better as the weight of the buttons may pull a bit.

2)start gluing your buttons in place you need to overlap the edges of your base so that you dont see the base underneath. Once you get one layer on you start layering the buttons on top of each other,filling in gaps and holes and looking for a slightly raised shape in the center

3)once it is all dried and cooled you pick off all the excess glue that is on the circle of buttons.

4)choose your ribbon create a loop or bow or whatever you are creating and glue it securely onto the back.




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Heart felt wreath

I know you think of hearts with valentines day,But i just love hearts all year round, I made some of these when i did my wedding blessing this year and they were so popular with guests. I was asked to make another one for my friends daughters bedroom.

What you need;

A Styrofoam heart

Pink Yarn

Felt in pinks,reds,white and green

White glue or hot glue with a glue gun or fabric glue

red or pink ribbon.


1) Cut a long piece of yarn and wrap it around a piece of cardboard to make wrapping easier. Start in the middle of the side of the heart glue the end of the yarn to what will now be the back of heart. Now start wrapping yarn around the wreath making sure no white bits of the foam is showing.If wrapping the wreath gets to much just make more roses instead.

2)Make roses in the colours to make the roses cut felt into 6×6 squares draw a spiral in the middle and cut out. Roll the spiral from the outside corner and use a pencil to start wind the spiral tigthly. (i used card to make sure you could see proper but it is the same way with felt). let go of the spiral and the rose will form,

3)|To make two toned coloured roses colour the inside of the felt spiral with a pink maker before rolling into a rose shape.

4)Cut out leaf shapes into different sizes and iron a crease in the middle.

5) I would pin the roses onto the wreath first to place them. Then with glue i glued the roses and leaves in place.

6) To hang the wreath glue a loop of ribbon or a strip depending on where you are hanging it from the back.


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