christmas eve novelty gifts

christmas is coming and this is a simple way to use your left over candy if you have any. but also really cheap to do, for the children the night before, the description dont sound nice but it is yummy.

snowman poop,

reindeer poop

snowman soup

feindeer food

grinch dust

build a snowman

cookies for santa

reindeer noses

santa keys

elf poop all with a letter to santa i am making these for maire cuire fundrasing for £5 a box with 7 items so 2 are free. with a lettter to santa if anybody wants to purchase one they are on etsy and pintrest. images (1)images (2)download (4)download (5)images (6)images (4)images (3)s-l225 (6)s-l225 (5)

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