wash cloth lollypop

Here is another gift for the mums to be they are going to have a baby shower next weekend so i cant wait to see there faces. it was really cheap to make i picked the wash cloths and plastic spoons up from the pound shop and ribbon and used plastic wrapping which i already had. It cost £3 to make 6 lollypops.

packet of baby washcloths

packet of plastic feeding spoons


clear tape.

1. lay the wash cloths flat on a table and roll up making two of different colours along side each other.

2. roll up again from the top making a circle shape or snail and secure the bottom with clear tape.

3.put the plastic spoon at the back of the shape and secure with tape in the middle.

4.put the wrapping around the lollypop and tie it shut with the ribbon.

5. if you dont have wrapping you can use sandwich bags as long as they are clear.

these are a great gift for new parents and make good displays for baby parties as wellwash cloth4wash cloth5wash cloth7wash cloth8

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stork bundle

As it is soon coming the birth of my new grandson and grand daughter i have been making gifts for the mums to be and also keeping there spirits up as they have had a hard time with sickness i have made them a nappy cake and nappy wreath and now this is the newest addition to there stash of gifts.It is really simple to make and dont cost much i picked up everything from the pound shop it cost about £5 in all.

10 new born nappies,

10 rubber bands

length of thick ribbon of your choice

one blanket

one toy or rattle or dummy

1 roll up each nappy like a swiss roll and secure with the rubber bands.

2. to assemable the bundle fold the blanket lengthwise and then in half again to form a strip.

3.lay the folded blanket in front of you and stack four rolled nappies in the centre then stack three rolled nappies on top,of the four and then two rolled nappies on top of three and one rolled nappy on top of two so it makes a traingle shape if i was you i would put a large elastic band around the whole of the stack just to secure it a bit more.

4. fold the ends of the blanket up to the centre and making sure they are even both sides.

5.tie the ends of the blanket together with ribbon attacting a teething rattle or dummy to the bundle though the ribbon.nappy rollnappy roll2nappy roll 5diaper strok bundle

nappy cake

abcabc1cakeIts not how it sounds to dont eat it. It is a nappy cake as a gift, really easy to make a bit expensive with the nappies but they can be used for the baby every thing is useable so thats a good thing.

2 bags of nappies

large elastic bands

small elastic bands

large ribbon

baby bath

talc powder

any gifts wanting to add to cake

cake base.

1.begin by rolling up the nappies from front to back and secure the nappy with a rubber band but not to tight and form a ring around the bottle of baby bath and then secure the ring of nappies with a larger elastic band.

2 foam two more rings of nappies around the first securing each with elastic bands.

3,build a second tier on top of this one expect with only two layers of  nappies.

4 place the second bottle of baby products on top of the first layer and keep it in place using a bit double sided tape. create one more tier of nappies one layer deep around this bottle.

5.you dont want the rubber bands showing in the final product so use the tape to secure ribbon around the tiers.

6.decorate the cake according to the theme the smalller bath toys were from the pound shop.

7. thats it so simpleBaby Shower_Diaper Cake_3Baby Shower_Diaper Cake_4diaper cake

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