tea wreath for a gift

December 12 065I have been making tea wreaths for gifts for friends and cant get enough of them they are so easy to do. It costs 6 pounds to make one wreath and they can be passed on to friends when finished and they can add there own teas as well for someone else.


wooden pegs clean ones

glue or tape



tea sachets

1. cut a piece of cardboard 12 x 12 inches in square and then draw a basin circle around the cardboard and then a smaller one in the centre.

2,place glue on top of the cardboard and glue your papers on top and then turn it over and make the slits and stick around

3. to make a finished look i would glue another paper onto top of this where the slits are to hide it

4 using 14 or 2o clean pegs glue your papers on top of the pegs

5. then put glue on the back of the pegs and place around your wreath like a clock making sure the part where you squeeze together is facing the bottom end of the wreath.

6 then using a selection of teas in sachets place around the wreath and then secure with a ribbon at the back 2epeftea wreathtea wreath 005dtea wreath 006detea wreath 008rtea wreath 010retea wreath 012etea wreath 015etea wreath 016tea wreath 016tea wreath 0021

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group getting bigger and bigger

what a big group we are getting now each week more ladies are coming to the craft group this week there was 4 new ladies and we had a fab night. we were making flower decorations out of icing,painting watercolours and knitting toys and lace. so well done ladies, we are all having a picnic in the summer in roath park, and at the moment we are doing a something pink kal where everyone makes something pink.DSC_0018IMG_0855DSC_0033 2013C Meal 2012 (1)

something pink kal

something pink kal

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