crafting with nappies

My daughter and my son,s girl friend are expecting babies two weeks apart in july and august and as they dont want hand knitted clothes i dont know why as they are so much warmer and less expensive i thought i would make something different i have seen it in america as they have baby showers over there. At first i was a bit doubt full even when i got strange looks from my crafting group,wondering why i had a bag of nappies and baby toys.But as soon as it was done i loved it. So i made one for a tester then made a boy one for my daughter as she is having a boy called logan and my son girlfriend is having a girl called ruby. I cant wait for the little arrivals and spoil them.All the items on the wreath can be used as a gift.


foam wreath or flower arranging wreath.

elastic bands


baby nappies up to 12ilbs in weight

baby toys like rattles


baby lotions,talc etc.


1, First decide what you want to go on the wreath.

2. Put the nappy around the wreath and secure with a elastic band

3. work around the whole of the wreath leaving no gaps.

4.tie the ribbon through the rattles and dummies and then secure and tie around the elastic band so it hides it.

5. for the bottle of talc and lotions put the top of the bottle under the elastic band securing it and then put the ribbon around it.

6. if using a teddy secure around the wreath with ribbon.

If using the cheapest products then it will cost between £10 and £12 to make but if you use the more expensive products it can add up to alot i used the lower end from the pound shop for my wreaths. In the next couple of weeks i am going to make a baby basket and a baby nappy cake.nappy wreathnappy wreath1nappy wreath2nappy wreath6nappy image

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