christmas stamp candles

candle imageI have been busy this week i wanted to start making family gifts and was looking around town and seen beautiful candles with pictures on but they were so expensive so i bought candles from asda superstore for £2 each and as i have lots of stamps at home decided to make my own.



white tissue paper,


ink pads,

pro makers,


wax paper,

heat gun.


1) stamp on tissue paper use images that can be coloured or solid images.

2)colour in stamped images using some pro makers,

3)Cut out your image but leave a little bit of an edge,

4) take a piece of wax paper and cut it so that it is not taller than the candle being used and long enough so it wraps around the candle,

5)take your image and place it on top and wrap the wax paper around the candle,

6)heat your heat gun for about 30 seconds and then move quickly wave it over the area where the stamped image is.As the candle heats up the pressure from the wax paper should push the image into the melting wax of the candle.Slowly peel of the wax paper off the candle.

home made snow globes

Snow globes make great ornamental gifts.For friends,children,grandchildren,it is really easy to make and dont cost that much to do it took 1 hour to make and about £4 to make.

All you need is;

Large wide mouther glass jar,



Small christmas ornament or if making for a child a small character ornament

1) Draw a circle that is smaller than the mouth of the jar on the cardboard and paint it white if you havnt got cardboard a thick in weight white piece of card will do.

2) Glue the ornament onto the surface of the cardboard/card and then glue this to inside the jar

3) Now fill up the jar with luke warm water and glitter and screw onto the lid with the ornament attract very tight let the glitter fall down to the bottom of the jar and you could tie a ribbon around it just to decorate if you wish and thats it.

By June Parker Posted in Welcome