I have made home made bath salt jars ready for friends for gifts, they are easy to make and you can do them in all different scents the ones that i have done here are lavender in four different colours and layered into jars. It took four batches to make the four colours of salts to fill the jars, it cost approx £4 to make one jar,


A large glass jar (coffee jar)

1/4  cup of sea salt,

1 cup of epsom salts,

1/4 cup of baking soda,

1 tsp apricot oil,(optional)

10 drops of lavender oil,

2-4 drops of food colouring,


Combine the oils and food colouring, add the salts and baking soda and mix together very well,thats it just like that.

Alternative essential oils could be used as other oils such as grapeseed,sweet almond or extra virgin olive oil,

You can also add a tablespoon or two of finely ground regaluar oatmeal (not quick cooking) for silky skin softening.




Peppermint can energize a person instantly it provides oxygen to the blood and improves tiredness and circulation,concentration and migrane headaches.


Almond helps the skin regain a balance of moisture when the skin is feeling dryness.


It is used in aromatheraphy to create the feeling of happiness and warmth while calming the nervous digestive problems. It deals with colds and flu.


It is known as soothing and stimulates the appetite and digestive functions.

tea light jars

With christmas coming  up and not much money why not make some home made tea light jars they are really easy to make and next to nothing to cost most of us have jars in there house and paper, so thats all we need.


recycled jars,

decorative papers.

pva glue,

cookie cutters,

tea lights

Craft knife.

1) Make sure your recycled jars are clean and dry,

2) Choose your decorative papers and cookie cutters,

3) Trace around your cutter and then cut out the shape with a craft knife

4) Glue the pva glue around the jar and then stick on the paper

5) Glue a tea light inside the jar to secure so it dont move around.

6) Tie  a ribbon bow to the top of the jar.

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crayon photo frame

My ten year old cousin came to stay on the weekend and she wanted to make christmas presents,for here friends and teachers, so we came up with this it cost £6 to make but you could make it cheaper if you bought a cheaper brand of crayons and a cheaper frame, the frame and crayons were all bought from asda supermarket, and it is size 5 x 7 inches it took between 1 and 1 1/2 hours to do.



Photo frame


Glue gun



1) wipe your frame in case it has any dust on it from the shop,

2) put glue around the frame i would do one section first at a time,

3) Arrange your crayons on the photo frame in different directions

4) If the crayon is to large in length cut it to the size you want.

5) if for a child write a message in the middle of the frame.

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teacup candles

When i was with my friend on the weekend she said she made teacup candles and at first i thought how strange,but the more i thought about it the more i liked the idea, after searching my kitchen cupboard as i knew i had some teacups somewhere you have to have them in your cupboard dont you for when an elderly relative comes and visits, well i found some and thought i would give it a go.


Tea cup

Candle wax or some old candles laying around or pillar candles

Roll of wicks

Metal buttons

Old bowl


Colouring and Scents

Wooden skewers


1) weight down a length of wick to the bottom of the teacup by tying the end to a metal button,This is so when you pour the wax in the wick it wont float to the top.

2)melt the wax by using a bowl inside a saucepan of bowling water dont leave it unattended. The wax melts faster if you break it up into smaller chunks pour in a choice of colour and scents.

3) Pour the wax carefully into the teacup this can be messy so put a protective surface down and wear gloves to avoid burns as it is hot. Adjust the wick so it sits in the middle of the candle. If it wont stay put you could rest a wooden skewer over the teacup and tie the wick to it just while the wax sets enough to hold it in place.

4) The wax will take a few hours to cool and set properly and as it does you will notice the middle of the candle will sink so that the surface is not flat you could top up with more wax to give a flatter finish.

And that is  finished you can use the same method with all sorts of different containers as long as they are heatproof.

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red white button project

I went to a craft show on the weekend and there was loads of new techinques and ideas i came away with, there was one stall i seen that sold button jewellery it  was nice if you like that kind of thing but it was not for me, i am more of a diamond kind of girl,(fake by the way) so i thought the idea was good if only if it could be on something else. So i came up with this project. it was time consuming but it was worth the results.

Materials i used;

Lots of buttons

A base circle


Hot melt glue

Glue gun


1) start with a base circle you can use differrent bases i used a cardboard one as it was easy to work with a bit tricky to cut out though the other bases you could use are styrofoam,and fabric if you use fabric i would suggest you sewed two pieces together and stuff a little as it will hold better as the weight of the buttons may pull a bit.

2)start gluing your buttons in place you need to overlap the edges of your base so that you dont see the base underneath. Once you get one layer on you start layering the buttons on top of each other,filling in gaps and holes and looking for a slightly raised shape in the center

3)once it is all dried and cooled you pick off all the excess glue that is on the circle of buttons.

4)choose your ribbon create a loop or bow or whatever you are creating and glue it securely onto the back.




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Heart felt wreath

I know you think of hearts with valentines day,But i just love hearts all year round, I made some of these when i did my wedding blessing this year and they were so popular with guests. I was asked to make another one for my friends daughters bedroom.

What you need;

A Styrofoam heart

Pink Yarn

Felt in pinks,reds,white and green

White glue or hot glue with a glue gun or fabric glue

red or pink ribbon.


1) Cut a long piece of yarn and wrap it around a piece of cardboard to make wrapping easier. Start in the middle of the side of the heart glue the end of the yarn to what will now be the back of heart. Now start wrapping yarn around the wreath making sure no white bits of the foam is showing.If wrapping the wreath gets to much just make more roses instead.

2)Make roses in the colours to make the roses cut felt into 6×6 squares draw a spiral in the middle and cut out. Roll the spiral from the outside corner and use a pencil to start wind the spiral tigthly. (i used card to make sure you could see proper but it is the same way with felt). let go of the spiral and the rose will form,

3)|To make two toned coloured roses colour the inside of the felt spiral with a pink maker before rolling into a rose shape.

4)Cut out leaf shapes into different sizes and iron a crease in the middle.

5) I would pin the roses onto the wreath first to place them. Then with glue i glued the roses and leaves in place.

6) To hang the wreath glue a loop of ribbon or a strip depending on where you are hanging it from the back.


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triple step card

this is a tutorial on how to make a triple step card,

1. cut and fold a piece of card to make a card blank measuring 15cms x 14.4 cms (card A )

2.cut and fold another piece of card measuring 15cms x 22.2 cms (card B )

3. Lay card B on a scoring board and vertical score along and long side at 6cm,11cm,16cm and 19cm

4, Valley fold the 6cm and 16cm score lines and mountain fold the 11cm and 19cm score lines for those who dont know what valley fold is fold it down towards you and the mountain fold is up towards you, (hence mountain and valley)

5, Take card A and stick the bottom edge of the card front to just above the 6cm score line on card B

6, Your card is now ready to decorate.

laughs,stitching,drinking, chating

I would like to thank all the people who have supported my craft group over the months of starting it, and i would like thank all the ladies who come along and laugh,stitch,and chat with their needles and wool, I would also like to thank the ladies for knitting soft toys,for the charity latch and also to a kind lady called Mo for donating the wool for us to do so. We are off to visit the ward in december to the childrens ward and give them there soft toys as well as sweets and some books.

some of us at the craft group 

some of the knitted toys made by the ladies of sttich n chat and creative crafts cardiff

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easel cards

I have been making easel cards lately as they are quite quick to do.

Take a card blank and cut another piece of the card the same size as the front of the card blank.you can create any size of easel card as long   as you follow that first. To make this easel card start with an 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch sqaure piece of card stock and 8 1/2 x 4 1/4 rectangle piece of card stock for the base pieces of the card. The larger pieces get scored at 4 1/2 and 2 1/8 fold large piece of card stock as shown in photo.

run adhesive along the top and bottom of the panel adhere the 4 1/2 x 4 1/2  card stock square to the panel lining up bottom and side edges you are now ready to decorate. make sure when decorating you put something in the middle of the bottom card stock so the top panel stays upright.

yarn wreaths and fabric wreaths

i have been busy what with my charity knitting for latch but not to get bored i have  given it a go with making wreaths and this is what i have come up with they will all be donated to the local charity shop so they can sell them

The yarn wreath i made is made from a styrofoam wreath and green yarn and you wrap it around the wreath it is with two shades of green the felt flowers were made from a circle of felt folded in half then met the two ends together and glue with a glue gun if possible thou fabric glue is okay.The centers were made from felt the letter is chipboard painted and attracted with wire floral ribbon.

The fabric wreath is wrapped with fabric and adorned with green and white fabric flowers and felt shamrocks which can be bought in this shape or made yourself i bought them already made from hobbycraft

The its a boy wreath is made out of fabric and then chipboard letters painted and glittered but you can buy them already done and they are with glittered flowers .The flowered wreath was made with a styrofoam wreath and dry flowers glued around it with a ribbon attracted.