jack frost

this is part of my christmas decorations i have frosty the snoman to make and then i have them all from father christmas and mrs claus to these i love christmas it is my favourtie part of the year from doing the present shopping, and the food shopping to putting up the tree, the only part i dont like call my ungratefull if you want is unwanted presents from my husband for example one year he didnt know what to get me so the silly man thought he would give me a photo frame with myself and him in it,need i say it didnt go down very well. I waited for the kids to go to bed and threw it at him,the following year i had a very different present.

jack frost doll

baby booties

these were knitted using up odd balls of wool that was left over, i get a bit broody with all these,just have to wait for more grandchildren,


this is my baby,he is so loyal, and gives so much joy and affection i love you barney bear

sweet dreams barney bear even his bone goes to bed as well

night night sleepy

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